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I Want To Tell You...

I want to tell you... there was nothing wrong with you wanting an ideal body size or to stay "in a fit shape" just so you can be "good".⁣

That you are one of the few amazing beings with an enormous reserve of tenacity to go for it.⁣

That if you could channel that same tenacity into losing the shackles of restrictions and fear of eating and shame and fear... imagine the amazing transformation that awaits you!⁣

Know this: ⁣

💎 There is no need to fix anything. ⁣

💃 That you are seen.⁣

💗 Your existence is so appreciated.⁣

💃 There is no need to be anyone else or look anything else.⁣

💕 You are witnessed.⁣

💞 That you are so deeply loved.⁣

🥰 You are loved.⁣

♥️ You are love.⁣ ♥️

No need for external validation. ⁣

No need for someone else to give anything to you.⁣

When something isn't given to you... ⁣

When you do not have it... the truth is you don't need it. ⁣

🌟 You don't need it at all.⁣ 🌟

🐉 That is very powerful and true.⁣


There are some really amazing transformations happening inside of A SPACE TO BE FREE, my non-judgmental and non-diet 6-month programme to get you from fearing weight gain and restricting your food intake to looking and feeling better than you can ever imagine possible.⁣

I love being in service and I love the mystery of coming into the lives of precious beings who have chosen to say YES to their divine prosperity, joy and inner peace. ⁣

Because life has always supposed to be lived with grace and ease.⁣

Doors are opening in Autumn 2021.⁣

Until then...⁣

🕊 If you're ready to... ✔⁣

♥️ Eat delicious food with no guilt ⁣

♥️ Say NO to counting calories ⁣

♥️ Say goodbye to excessive exercise⁣

♥️ Higher mental capacity and energy ⁣

♥️ Send the constricting diet mentality out the door for good⁣

♥️ Sayy "No more" to obsessing over what others would think about you⁣

♥️ Reconnect to your highest self-worth⁣

💎 Start here in this free training in which I share 3 crucial steps to break the cycle of disordered eating for good 👇🏻🧝🏻‍♀️⁣⁣⁣⁣


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