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How Zen And Tea Are One Flavour

The human mind is so beautiful. ⁣

But when we are caught up in the webs of our perspectives and points of view, we become ill, intoxicated, disillusioned and depressed.⁣

All wars of any kind tend to begin from this dissension. ⁣

I often seek for spiritual freedom on my own. I am a Capricorn after all and I like to do things myself! ⁣

But I realise the importance of community and leadership in my journey.⁣

In studying Zen I also know now of approaching life with zero doctrine and the beginner's mind.⁣

No prefabricated illusions or stories, just coming as I am.⁣

A lot of times I get people who ask me, "LiYing, why do I need you to serve me Tea? Can you recommend the books to read so I can do it on my own?"⁣

Well, because when you already have a preconceived notion of what this is, whatever this is, then you will never be able to come out of disharmony and come into harmony with the here and now. You will not hear anything this very moment when your inner guide is speaking to you.⁣

I like to see myself as the chef in the kitchen putting all the ingredients together for you, but ultimately the taste buds are yours.⁣

I like to think I am there to purge you of the toxins of your preconceptions so you can open up your heart to vibrate on a higher consciousness level, so you can interpret every situation in life with clarity and harmony with what is your truest, Buddha nature. ⁣

This is not Buddha in the religious sense. This is Buddha that exists within all of us, our authentic self.⁣

This is no hand holding. I am merely the fingers pointing to the moon. You hold the key to your own spiritual awakening. You are the eyes that watch the moon.⁣

In the five elements of TCM, it is believed that humans thrive in prosperous health when they come into alignment with heaven and earth. Imagine this: the human mind coming into alignment with spirit (heaven) and earth (soul)? ☯️⁣

Well, truth is, I experience this every time I sit with Tea. I have seen beautiful beings harness this moment in the vortex and channel their wisdom through. And I want you to know we are no different than you - a spiritual being living in the infinite time line - so if you are drawn to this practice, this is my invitation to you 〰️⁣

Chop some wood. Gather some water. Now let the fire work its alchemy and bring the soughing wind through the pines. Please sit. Here, have a few bowls of Tea. 🤍🍃⁣


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