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How You Can Feel Presence

Last night during my virtual Tea Ceremony, ⁣ The energy of my grandparents all came in fast and strong and I have been feeling very emotional whenever their presences were felt.⁣ They were so present, even though I couldn't quite see their faces clearly until the end because I was staying with Tea during the ceremony. ⁣ The beautiful ladies who were with me stayed with Tea. We said goodbye to our loved ones' spirits, and let them wander back down the moonlit shore, as the waves crashed on, as the moon began to set. 🌕⁣ In our palms we were gifted a necklace, strings of pearls made of moonstone and the tears of the dolphins and whales. 🐬🌊⁣ I miss home a lot more than usual during mid-autumn festival. More than ever, I miss the innocence of a child, and I am thankful for the message that came through last night - that unconditional love feels like this. That the child who had never felt she appreciated enough of that when she had all of that, is so forgiven. So forgiven. 💗⁣ Even as I write this, I feel them with me.⁣ The one memory that floods me with tears is the care that they have bestowed on me and my sisters, in their own way.⁣ I saw my mother's father with his top half naked, as he was wont to do in the humid Malaysian weather, laughing heartily, his tummy moving to the rhythm of his mirth.⁣ I saw my father's father, his kind eyes smiling even in the final days when he lay paralysed and speech-ridden on his sick bed, whenever he saw us. ⁣ I saw my father's mother, hoisting my father onto her back to carry him to the hospital when he had fallen so ill. ⁣ I saw my mother's mother, smiling and talking as she bathed me in a little tub when I was a toddler, water streaming down the crown of my head onto my body. ⁣ It reminds me of how precious life really is, how little we appreciate something until it is gone. That the only thing constant in life is change. ⁣ It reminds me to go for whatever makes my heart sing - without fear of the unknown.⁣ If you'd like to live in ceremony, I invite you to book in a free Heart-to-Heart call with me to discover how you can co-create the health, confidence and relationships that you are born to have, with me. ⁣ BOOK IN HERE 📲 ⁣⁣ ·.·⁣ Warmest Love, ⁣ LiYing 🎐

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