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How To Reconcile The Monkey Mind

Does this sound familiar?⁣ You get this old niggle that restricting is a form of self-discipline and that makes you feel in control and "doing good"; but you're intelligent enough to know well enough that this is your disordered eating voice speaking. ⁣ And so, you know restricting your food and overexercising is not going to ever last - and not to mention is incredibly exhausting! And yet...⁣ You can't let go of restricting because then you will be consumed with an obsession over food and the dreaded fear of getting your menses back and the bloating and bodily changes.⁣ If there is only one thing you could take away from reading this, please take this away: society has deeply conditioned women to believe that bodily changes and fluctuations are inherently "bad" and "dreadful". ⁣ We forgot how glorious the body is, especially a woman's body, in the profound ways it changes according to what is needed in the very moment.⁣ We forgot how to honour the body and check in with ourselves. Instead we have been taught to look outward to seek for validation, for permission, for how to be good enough for everyone else.⁣ So I invite you today to let's get deep and clear on what it is that you are resisting when an incredible life of grace and ease is available to you right now?⁣ I'd love for you to share if something comes up for you. 🤍🕊⁣

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