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How To Learn About Tea

Master Lin always says after a lesson at the Tea table, "You can't learn about Tea until you drink Tea."⁣

I know this deep in my bones to be true. This is why I so often carry forward the lessons to simply truly and fully receive Tea in all my offerings now. To questions in my Circles and DMs about what books to read to better their studies, I simply say let Tea come to you, and when She does, be prepared to simply receive.⁣

When you learn Her language, then everything else will make sense and fall into place. This is a silent trust, a practice of patience, an intuitive art form we have forgotten.

"Trust your hands." ~ excerpted from The Wisdom of Tea, Noriko Morishita⁣

In Cha Dao, you don't need to know how or why. You just have to wait for Spirit to show you. ⁣

Goes against the grain of everything we are raised to know doesn't it?⁣

The Dao teaches us to look into the heart and soul as a perfectly imperfect part of Nature. ⁣

Observe the chrysanthemum that blossoms in the icy cold winter; the cherry blossoms that bloom after a long bout of chilly winter; observe the bare trees in the subzero degrees and see beauty in this barrenness, and finally, when the day comes for foliage to grow again, you relish in this sweet new beginning. And it all cycles back again and again, in the five elements of Dao ·五行·.⁣

And because we started with Master Lin, we shall end with this poem he always likes to quote: ⁣

"Preserve the heat and begin to absorb peace, ⁣

With slow, graceful movements,⁣

And a heart free from obstructions,⁣

Everything is finished in one breath."⁣


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