How To Get Out Of Your Limiting Beliefs

When you are stuck in your limiting beliefs, you actually argue for it!

How crazy is that? 🤯

Our ego fights a crap ton to keep us in the same place because it doesn't like to be proven wrong. 😅

So what happens when this happens?

Your ego tries to turn your attention to all the things that can prove it right! 🤯

When you uplevel and seek to move out of your comfort zone, when you listen to your soul's whispers and follow the guidance of your Soulful Self/ Highest Self, you are going to have to keep choosing.

Keep choosing to challenge your limiting beliefs.

Keep choosing to move in faith even though you don't know how you can get to where you want to be.

Keep feeling into the vortex and move and act in this present moment as though you already have what you want.

Keep this equation in check:

♥️ Gratitude + Faith = In Flow, Empowered State ♥️

This is the most powerful, energetic shift you can make, a change you are already putting into motion even BEFORE the mind/ego can make sen