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How To Find Support In Healing From Your Eating Disorder

🎐 Dear precious one,⁣ I know how it feels to have "achieved" a goal weight, an ideal flat tummy, a caloric cap.⁣ That feeling that your body is exactly how it should feel and look.⁣ Sometimes in disordered eating we neglect addressing this phase because it can be all too fleeting.⁣ But I want to address that.⁣ The feeling that when it feels so good you just don't want anything to change.⁣ You want to carry on doing what you did.⁣ And in the back of your mind, all the time, is the voice that may sound sweet as a lark song at first, but will eventually turn into screeching knives against the blackboard when you try to loosen up your routine, gain back some flexibility and intuitive actions.⁣ I remember feeling like I have stepped into deeper, bigger black holes when I found myself worried about water having calories.⁣ I even had anxiety about how much calories was in a toothpaste. ⁣ I bought tinier bowls and smaller cutleries, just so I could eat less. The saddest thing is diet culture actually reinforces this. ⁣ I stopped being present. All I thought about was how to maintain this body I had worked so hard to "achieve".⁣ In a Space To Be Free, we talk a lot about feeling good about our bodies.⁣ I often get asked, "LiYing, is it really possible to love my body no matter how ugly it looks, how dissatisfied I am with it?"⁣ And my answer is always a resounding YES! ❤ ⁣ My love, you know this in the deepest heart of hearts that it is true. The reason you ask is because you don't dare to tune into that intuitive voice, the voice that has been dimmed so much in light of the critical one that tells you to keep doing what feels safe and familiar.⁣ But I am here to tell you that life is not meant to be this hard.⁣ You are not meant to be scared of food.⁣ You are not meant to be scared of going out with friends and spending time with your family.⁣ You are not meant to be crying in solitude after a meal, hating your body and terrified of how much weight you have gained.⁣ You are not meant to be hiding away, never experiencing life.⁣ I am now free to eat whenever I want, whatever I want. As my amazing cousin-in-law said this week while I was on holiday in Mallorca, "Lunchtime is whenever you choose to have lunch."⁣ I am now free to run and swim because I am filled with energy and verve.⁣ I am curious, I am excited, I am happy.⁣ And even though some days I feel less than adequate, someday I might look at my body and feel less than attractive, I still feel so much love for my body because I know I am way more than this thought. ⁣ It allows me to look deeper: why am I feeling this way about my body? ⁣ And every turn it takes me takes me deeper into the knowing that I am here, living this one true life, and it is far too precious for me to turn back and regress into the mental struggle and body flagellation, restrictive diets and unhealthy exercise addiction ever again.⁣ I also wish the same for you. ⁣ And I see you. ⁣ I know it is totally possible for you too.⁣ 🌕 ⁣If you're trying to break the cycle of restrictive eating and nothing seems to stick, you might need a real look at what you're doing and get help with what actually works. I'd love to help you get on track and...⁣ ♥️ Eat delicious food with no guilt ⁣⁣ ♥️ No more counting calories ⁣⁣ ♥️ No more excessive exercise afterwards⁣⁣ ♥️ Higher mental capacity and energy ⁣⁣ ♥️ Say goodbye to the constricting diet mentality for good⁣⁣ ♥️ No more obsessing over what others would think about you⁣⁣ ♥️ Reconnect to your highest self-worth⁣⁣ I invite you to book in through the link below for a free discovery call with me to discover the best ways in which we can overcome your challenges together ❤⁣ ·.·

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