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How To Be More Present In Life

Today I saw a message, "I had been afraid of the awful presence, because I knew, being present would bring me in touch with my wounded soul..."⁣

That "awful presence"... certainly, we have all once feared that Awful Presence before, preferring to numb ourselves and watch life go by in a nimbus of fog instead of meeting our soul as it is.⁣

But what if you knew that by staying present to Presence you are finding freedom in form? You are inviting a whole, endless sphere of wholeness and Oneness through the realisation that nothing is ever separate?⁣

⁣· "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." · ~ C.G. Jung

Tea Ceremony is a magical place where you can be set free through Quietude and Presence. You come into a space of awareness with the intention to be present, and from this point on, you become no-mind, no-being, no-name. You are now in the zone where you can rewrite your story and invite all the high frequency emotions into your crystalline energy field. This is when your intuition will heighten, leading to manifestations beyond your wildest dreams. ⁣

And through it all, you find Wholeness in whatever vicissitudes life brings you, because you simply know that you are safe and held, that you are forever in tune with the Universe, the Dao, and that you are one of this great Oneness and never separate. ⁣

Have you ever taken a big leap of faith into the unknown?⁣


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