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How To Be Grateful When It Feels Impossible

A professor who teaches grief was asked by one of his students:⁣ "What is there to be grateful for in the death of your son?"⁣ His son had died in a car accident at the age of 22. ⁣ The professor paused before he answered:⁣ "I am grateful that he came into my life as my son."⁣ This story is a retelling of what I overheard on @BreneBrown's podcast. I was struck by the beautiful simplicity as well as vastness in those words.⁣ We are all going through a collective grief, and we are processing this in a myriad of ways. The five stages of grief is an oversimplification that often times lead us to feel inadequate and abnormal whenever we veer off course (which is almost all the time). When we come to this space with no judgement, we can begin to truly see each other and hold each other with tenderness and compassion. And this heart-centred love is the one thing that will always light up the way. ⁣ We do not seek to be grateful for this death or loss; we can however find gratitude in the very one chance, one encounter we have had with this moment, this person, this being. We can trust that in the next life we will meet again in a space of love and purity when we have processed our grief thoroughly and moved past thoroughly with love and compassion, with full acceptance and surrender. ⁣ I would like to live this way - to be honoured by the grace of every being who sees something in me, to be steeped in gratitude for every opportunity that arises, every enthusiastic support that come my way, no matter how much of them or when they flow through. This is what I hope to be able to transmit through all the spaces I hold - the energy field of wholeness and gratitude so an open space for setting clear intentions and combining that with elevated emotions is finally allowed to happen naturally within us. Practising Cha Dao has allowed me to observe my self-talk. ⁣ I choose to say to Me now:⁣ When you trust the Universe with unwavering stout belief, you can be sure It is conspiring to bring all the right people and opportunities to you at every turn. So keep showing up. ⁣

Embrace your body fully no matter what. ⁣ Love what you love to do fully even if you don't see how you're going to make ends meet with this yet. ⁣ Stay authentic even if you are terrified about what everyone would think of you, even if some will unfollow you because vulnerability may feel like a weakness to them.⁣

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