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How To Awaken The Intuition In You

^·▪ I N T U I T I O N ▪·^ How often do we really talk to ourselves with gentleness and appreciation, with forgiveness, understanding and love? What I learnt when I began opening up the Line within me, though meditating with visions of my Highest Self and through breathwork I learnt from Ashley Wood of A Line Within, I realised that every message that comes through is full of confidence, calibrated with vibrations of absolute trust in my worthiness. Our Highest Self feels like a stranger when we don't normally talk to ourselves like this. I certainly realised i didn't do this enough. When I was listening to Lee Harris today, he said, "if you are not used to talking to yourself like this, you are tapping into another plane of who you are, and that is the place you want to keep revisiting because it will change you. We have to revisit this plane more. When it is our highest self it won't ever be negative or judgemental. It will change the way you see the world." "When you begin channelling, you begin to calibrate to the frequencies of love, and if you are not used to being in or connecting to that frequency, it will take a little while for the information to get more detailed and specific, because first you must calibrate to the channel of love." In my work on self-love and body appreciation, I capitulate to days when I just don't feel great, but the difference between now and then when I was drowning in an eating disordered mind, I know this will pass. I know my body is so wonderful, no matter how it looks and feels. This last bit is key to true acceptance, true transcendence and overhaul of the neurological pathways that were wired in for us by society. When we know that this body is truly and always on our side, we can tune into our intuition and listen to our body's needs and honour its resilience and fortitude. I am so grateful that it never punished me even though I have done enough punishment to it and myself. Again and again it strives to keep us alive. It strives to heal us and bring us back from the brink of permanent damage. And when you are in touch with this you can feel into your cosmic self, your Highest Self's guidance. It is beyond what others are thinking or doing. This is inner work that will show in your outer world, so be a steward of this Earth. Bear the pennants of peace, love and light. This isn't about ignoring your shadow side. This is embracing your shadow side in order to emerge as a lightbody. We are all soul-based humans. Surrender to the flow of the Universe. You are aware of it. Surrender to this feeling, and see where the Way leads. So what is your soul telling you today?

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