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How Tea Ceremony Meditation Allows You To Recognise Your Gifts By Simply Being

Perhaps it may feel lonely on this journey⁣

Perhaps it may feel daunting when the world around you do not reflect what you wish to see at the moment⁣

But what if you see how much of a gift it is to have this presence ⁣

enter through your body, a vessel for this light that you feel deep in your bones that it is your destiny to bear

to spread this presence of life and love⁣

through your words, your presence, your being?⁣

What. A. Gift.⁣

What a gift to simply be able to give voice to the unheard, the unsaid, to be given the heart to serve.⁣

No matter who you are, no matter what you do,⁣

when you choose love, you are choosing to receive this gift that comes with all kinds of adventures and wonders -⁣

pain, joy, gratitude, sorrow, anguish, heartbreak, heart-openers, heart-racing falling in love, falling out of love, tranquillity, acceptance, well-worn love, rawness, beauty... beauty. So much beauty in the broken shards, as much as there is so much beauty in an innocent wholesome love.⁣

Perhaps with appreciation your sense of self-worth will appreciate⁣

You call in infinite souls when you love unconditionally.⁣


I wrote this when I was soaking in the immense love that was generously shared amongst the 50 over light beings in Katie's @pause_place Spiritual Leadership Training call last night. I am so honoured to be walking this path with so many beautiful souls, and most honoured to be able to share the Way of Tea with the grace of Katie's mentorship. ⁣

Here in this space, know that you can find yourself safe and sound, where there is no need to be someone or become someone. Here, in this Tea space, we can all share our hearts and weave this mandala of love with compassion. Here, we can first get out of our own way and let abundance flow through to us and manifest our highest good, just as it should be. Here, we can honour our true calling and show up as our authentic selves. Here, we can simply be grateful for the present moment. Whichever stage in your life you're at, know that the Way of Tea {cha ° dao [茶道]} has a place for you.⁣

If your soul feels called to explore the teachings of Cha Dao, walk the Way with me. #linkinbio. 🌿

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