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How Tea Ceremony Can Help With Deep Soul-Searches

·.· S E R V I C E .·. In awe of the wonderful shamanic powers of Tea, and I am filled with gratitude for such a beautiful tea ceremony today with my new friend @5thseasonclothing – so happy and honoured to have given you the time and space to be silent and turn inward and reconnect with your soul. Just a few leaves in a bowl to fire up that reconnection to the heart. Tea, like simple verses off the pages of a book, can be interpreted so wildly that sometimes we tend to get lost in the wilderness. When we sit with living tea though, there is a shamanic energy that works through the alchemy of water, nature, and meditation. I work on myself to be able to serve others well, and I hope to continue to cultivate myself through Her, with grace and gratitude. 🍃

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