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How Tea Can Reduce Fear and Make Space for Joy of Detachment

L E T T I N G | G O TO > M A K E | S P A C E 🍃 Thankful for the beautiful opportunities and teachings of Tea. ♤ Sitting with Tea in meditation today with @gillianmccollum, a brilliantly luminous soul with whom I feel so connected; ♤ And learning from the inner guides that letting go will allow space to become available for new things, people and serendipitous events to come in. ♤ I have had to admit to myself today that I can so easily fall back into my old attachments and old needs too, needs that foster feelings of desperation that cannot in any way serve my wellbeing. When the universe opens doors I walk through them – to learn to close the doors forever is another lesson I am partaking now. ♤ Sitting with Tea and walking The Way with Her gave me pause, for really: What is the holdup? After all, we are well aware these habits, thoughts and people do not agree with our new intentions and new being. ♤ Letting go of our egos and just forgiving is such a powerful practice. I love how Cha Dao truly expresses itself so silently yet fluidly, the true essence of life – a rivulet of faith in love and boundless streams of tranquillity coming forth into my life through bowls of tea, simply by understanding that we are all a part of the cosmos. How beautiful is that? Steep in that thought and feel all negative emotions melt away to make space for what and who truly light up your life... 🕊

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