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How I Recovered From Anorexia & Continue To Stay In Recovery

As a survivor of anorexia nervosa and an eating disorder recovered patient, I have made it my sincere mission to help raise awareness about this mental health issue that is oftentimes still very much misunderstood in society and media alike. The issue goes spine deep beyond an image dysmorphia or vanity, the worst I have heard this disorder being called. It has so little to do with the way the body looks in most cases. I have struggled with relapses for over six years and finally made peace with my body and plate with the help of meditation and yoga. The final touch came in the form of Tea, whose subtle nuances have been incredibly placating for an ego that have for years thrived upon the need to be perfect. Not only is the Dao a return to Nature, it is a re-membering that puts me back in touch with my dharma, compassion and love. Through the course of my spiritual expansion, I have had also the honour of soaking in the most beautiful forces in the Spiritual Leadership Training, where energetic allies have further transformed and continue to cheer me on my journey to an ever present and holistic way of life. When I serve Tea I allow something greater than Me take over. It is by no means a religion; but I would be remiss to say that there is no spiritual connection there. I choose to enjoy every simple thing. Through Nature we can tune back into our consciousness, even if you are only subtly aware of the effects nature has on us. I find gratitude in simply being alive and I begin to seek for more sustainable ways of living to replenish Mother Gaia in tiny but undoubtedly impactful steps. Spreading the beauty of Nature through communion with The Leaf is my calling.

I am going to open up spaces for a Seven-Week Circle of presence and holistic connection through Tea Medicine and Spirit. Not only will you receive support from weekly meditations and lessons on Cha Dao, here you will also be immersed in quiet but powerful ways that will reconnect you with something beyond your inner knowing. If you’ve been to any of my Tea ceremonies of late you know the magic silences can weave within and between us. Give me a 🍂 if you are interested in joining this season ♾

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