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How Gratitude Arises From Communication with Tea Spirit

F A M I L Y What does the word mean to you? Gratitude arose in me in today's tea meditation (another gorgeous #chaxi pleased the eyes and soul). Gratitude for family - be it my parents and sisters, who are thriving and well. Gratitude also extended to this lovely tea community, people I have only just met two months ago - and Tea Spirit herself - and yet have entered and enriched my life so completely it feels like a lifetime of richness. · U N F O L D In a world where materialism is rife, tea gives me strength to move beyond all of that. Realising that I have been holding so tight to preconceived beliefs was key to this release. Sometimes we don't even see it until the universe holds a mirror up by putting us in a certain contrasting situation. With certainty that none of this matters I can take comfort in simplicity, steeping in these tea leaves, and simply, some hot water boiled over flame. Safe in the knowledge that my life can unfold so beautifully in the teachings of The Way of Tea, presided over by the loving gaze of my higher self/inner being/the universe, I allow abundance and all that is for my highest good to enter 🌿🧡

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