How Do You Overcome The Fear Of Weight Gain In Recovery?

In my quest to serve beings who are mired in eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), food addictions and disordered eating, I found myself coming up with the same question again and again:⁣

"How do you overcome the fear of weight gain?"⁣

Well, let me take you through my own journey to full recovery after struggling for ten years with relapses.⁣

October 2016: When I finally decided to go full on with my recovery, I allowed myself to surrender first. Now I must admit that at this stage I was terrified - terrified - of how fat I was going to become.⁣

But here I was, and I was committed this time to do this. Once. And. For. All.⁣

Upon surrendering I lived a year of seclusion because I was ashamed of my body, ashamed of how it bloated and held onto weight. I know now that this is my body healing in its own way, and through surrender I can fully embrace my body no matter how it looks or feels like.⁣

This was the first realisation that released me from this self-imposed prison sentence. No longer was my day hinged upon how much I have eaten or how my body appearance is. ⁣

I love myself, my body, no matter what. It is such a simple pledge, but such a divinely guided and heart-opening one.⁣

Since then, I have tried everything that could possibly inch me a step closer to my recovery:⁣

〰️ Spiritual healers and teachers⁣

〰️ Sound hea