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Healing Through Tea: Finding Self-love And Sovereignty Within

With years mired in eating disorders, I have had food obsessions that are, as I realise now, deeply rooted in a disconnection from my body as well as Nature, as well as a deeply conditioned sense of low self-worth. Far from calorie counting with a self-affirming practice in meditation, I now feel even more connected to my body and continue to build a healthy relationship spiritually and physically with Tea Ceremony meditations. When everything is seen through the eyes of gratitude, everything is divine. Abundance flows in accordance with the Universe. After all, Tea is an expression of Nature.⁣⁣


Through silent reverence for Tea to reconnect you to your body, and then through regular tea sits to change your dominant vibration level forever you will find yourself living in a new vibration as you get and stay in touch with your truest, highest Self. Synchronicities shall happen. Manifestation has already begun. A moment for reflection after the ceremony allows you to steep and wire in your new Self.⁣⁣

It is my wish to extend the conversation about body dysmorphia, self-worth and self-sovereignty in the work that I do in this place. To start with, I am pleased to offer a private one-hour sit that includes a ceremony with Tea, followed by a time for sharing, poetry, and Oracle card reading (upon request) at the end. Whatever that makes your soul sing, I will hold space for you.⁣⁣ Let us begin with communing with Nature to deepen our connection with Source, and then to finally remember our souls. And then, when Cha Dao courses through your veins, we can flow in concordance with the Universe.


Discover more through here.⁣ 🕊🌿☯️⁣

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