Healing Through Tea

T E A 馃尶 A W A K E N I N G 馃晩 鑼堕亾 馃晩 Poetry in stillness 馃尶 Luminous whispers 馃尶 Poetry and tea 馃尶 Healing through tea 馃尶 Clouds in motion 馃尶 I sat with a desire to still my mind, and in my human moment I wanted to control the thoughts arising in me. When I took an inhale of the rising steam from the leaves in my bowl, I was brought back instantly into Her folds of tranquillity and meditation came naturally. This is Her power. Her divine nature to thread hearts together, Her divine luminosity that lights up the darkness behind closed lids. When I opened my eyes, clouds striated the wintry blue sky before me, and I know that everything is just is. Everything is taken care of. I took a sip of Her, and I allowed Her warmth to whisper through my body.

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