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Have You Abandoned Yourself?

🤍 Have you abandoned yourself? 🤍⁣

Darling one, I shed tears thinking of the unconscious ways we abandon ourselves. ⁣

Learn to unlearn this.⁣

Learn to fall in love with yourself all over again. Let it be known to your own being that you are here for you. When the mind has taken complete control of your being, it is so easy to sink deep into judgement and shame. The way the ego keeps us going is to shame us into staying in status quo so we do not need to leave the comfort zone and venture out. ⁣

Venturing out is what recovery requires. Doing things that are uncomfortable, that go against the grain of the distortions that have built up over the years of disordered eating, that is how we break free from the chains that bound us. That is how we can begin to calm our egos down, to soothe the child within and begin our pilgrimage back to our hearts. ⁣

All of this stems from fear. From where the fear comes is our work to do. When we begin to acknowledge the darkness within us, express the fears and shame with no judgement, we can lift the weight of grief from our heart and finally learn to love ourselves.⁣

Sounds like a hell of a journey, but I can tell you - no, I can vouch for you - that the freedom that is waiting for you is so worth it. ⁣

Freedom from days standing in the grocery aisles for hours trying to decide what is the best option so you don't feel guilty from eating or worry about putting on weight. Freedom from obsessing over the hours you put into exercising, from the food you have eaten and will eat. ⁣

Disordered eating is a full-time job. It takes away so much energy that there is really not much left to spend on the present moment. What the present moment stands for is: time with your loved ones, your career, you celebrating your every success - success in being alive, being where you are now, being just you. Your very existence is a success story worthy of celebrating, of telling.⁣

I have lost count of the times I have abandoned myself. I had not been conscious. I had not known. ⁣

But what matters now is that I never ever knowingly abandon myself again. ⁣

Stop abandoning yourself. Just stop. ⁣

Your life and every single thing that makes you you is so singularly beautiful.⁣


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