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Gratitude, Love & Light Meditation: Activating the Intuitive Line Within Us

·☆ G A L A C T I V A T I O N ☆· 🌿 During the tea ceremony meditation yesterday, as I sat with my love, I felt the fragility of life, of connections forged, of human beings who have come into my life. For all the wrongs they have done, I could only see their inner children and that allowed me to forgive. This is such a magical life with blessings all around us, and though there is no end to the stream of beautiful beings who will dance into our gilded halls and present us with life's wonderful dances and songs – even the vagabonds bring their own dervish skits and swept along with their whirlwind lessons we come out, always, we come out, and the teachings we take with us is up to us to transmute into gold, stardusts and rainbows. 🕊 Ever so grateful for @lolamailove, for the instant connection we have, and the loving kindness that emanates from her and all the wonderful adventures I can already see myself doing with this starseed I can proudly call my tea sister.

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