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Goddess, This Is Yours To Claim

No I am not going to hide away photos of my face and body, and I am not going to ask you to do the same.⁣ No, I am not going to forewarn you and forbid you from talking about anything that is "deemed triggering".⁣ No, because I want you to know that you have total sovereignty of what gets to affect you and tip you out of balance.⁣ No, because I want to tell you what you already know - you cannot control every single person or thing in your external circumstances.⁣ This is the deeply rooted, untold kink that needs to be brought to light if you truly want to reclaim divine self-love and radically release the “I am not enough” story and shift into the frequency of a confident, self-assured woman who feels deeply worthy and deserving of receiving all things great.⁣ Not a lot of people dare to talk about it because it is "triggering", but I am here to bring it.⁣ I have been there in that place where compliments and criticisms alike would set me off like dervish. ⁣ I am also now fully aware of this place, having fully left it behind for good, and I am living in a divine centre of stillness massively.⁣ Doesn't mean life stops throwing me a curveball. ⁣ 🧝🏻‍♀️ It just means I am living as the soul that I really am. That I am a spiritual energy fully responsible for what I am creating in my life.⁣ 🌠 I came through the crown chakra and know myself as a multudimensional being living in this beautiful body of mine.⁣ And I am here to tell you - SO ARE YOU. ✨⁣ ⚔ Stop fixing yourself.⁣ ⚔ Stop believing that you need to be fixed.⁣ ⚔ Stop believing that you have no control over the busyness in your head

⚔ Stop allowing them to keep you small in the belief that your behaviour is bad and has to be eliminated. ⁣ Behavioural change isn't true mastery. ⁣ True mastery lies in freedom.⁣ 💗 It is found in the guidance that can lead you ultimately to express your true Soulful Self.⁣ To live a graceful, easeful life.⁣ 👑 To claim your power back.⁣ No more getting caught up in seeing everything as difficult, or an obstacle or challenge.⁣ No more numbing yourself and coping with life.⁣ 💎 THAT is true mastery.⁣ I always say this to my clients: you can always choose to let it be simple at every moment.⁣ It doesn't have to be difficult to be worthy of having.⁣ And when you get this:⁣ Healing isn't just the only thing available for you.

💠 Your OWN ability to express your authentic self is what is absolutely available for you the moment you let go of the safety of "just having enough".⁣ So, Goddess, if you're ready to 🎐〰️⁣ 🌠 Become a magnet for health, wealth, and wellbeing as you claim your value and worth as a woman⁣ 🌠 Activate your self-love, intuition and trust as you quantum leap your cellular system into a new mode of being ⁣ ·.·⁣ 🧜‍♀️ Join us in The free Facebook group The Sacred Way To Body Acceptance and Divine Self-love 💕⁣ 💕👇🏻

·.·⁣ Warmest Love,⁣ LiYing 🎐

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