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God's Presence Is In Your Heart


Is it really your heart that is telling you to say no, to turn down an opportunity, to back away from an open door?⁣⁣


Up here, the mind, the ego, is conditioned to keep you safe. For centuries, the mind has been on the lookout for danger, a sharp tool that is designed for our ultimate survival. ⁣⁣


A coach once said this and I remember it struck such a chord for me: if an opportunity is presented to you now, you are worthy of it now.⁣⁣


Remember, if an opportunity is presented to you now, you are worthy of it now.⁣⁣

Even if you cannot see it before you right now, you can feel it in your true Buddha Nature, in your non-existence and no-mind zone, you can feel it all and play in the Dao. ⁣

In stillness, you come close to the Dao, the Unmanifest. ⁣

You then can begin to peel away the layers of desires and longings to reveal your pure nature, this key to accessing your new reality at every turn of the moment, accepting the moment as it is wholly and unconditionally with an understanding, an undercurrent of calm joy. ⁣


Tea awakens the shaman in us, opening up our senses to smell the incoming rain of our life and times; to listen to the winds and go willingly with the unknown, knowing protection and guidance are always given to us; to taste the sweetness in the ripened fruit to know harvest season is nigh, to commune with the spirits above and channel the energies of the crystal grids of Inner Earth.⁣ A shaman already feels and hears and senses the seismic shifts before it begins.⁣

Be the shaman.⁣

Be the Buddha. ⁣




Three ceremonial-grade wild grown and biodiverse Tea that honour these treasures will be included in the sacred gift kit that is going out for the virtual Mountain Retreat, starting January 23. ⁣⁣


Registration closes January 17, midnight. Please join us via link in bio for 21 days of presence, poetry and ceremonial connection. 🤍🌟🍃

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