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Full Moon Tea Ceremony In The Hermitage Of Braid, Edinburgh

Indigo sky⁣. ✨ La luna completes a cycle⁣ Blooming full circle⁣. 🌕 It is a swirling vision of a compass ⁣ My spirit guide for all matters of the heart. ⁣ I remember that night ⁣ When a full moon rose over the skyscrapers.⁣ Through the wide naked windows ⁣ She had shone through to where we sat.⁣ There is no end to the teachings of Cha Dao. ⁣ Each bowl of Tea is a lesson from Tea Spirit⁣ Teaching us to still our minds as She gently opens our hearts ⁣ To fear not of the beginner's mind;⁣ To come to find Calm Joy - a sense of tranquillity as well as shimmering lightness that alights upon the precipice of gratitude - in every ceremony;⁣ To stay with the Tea, in every breath and turn of the steps we take to brew and steep and pour. ⁣ Very soon this spiritual grace seeps into my life beyond the place in which I sit with Tea. ⁣ I ponder of ways to articulate ⁣ This stillness that emanates from the heart⁣ And comes across as the presence of love.⁣ I am now steeping in the intricacies of love like I have never before done in my life, which feels much like a lifetime ago.⁣ This love I know now is not self-abandoning, neither is it self-absorbed;⁣ It is a kind of love that can be calm,⁣ That can be wild,⁣ Full, fulfilling,⁣ Moving,⁣ Ecstatic, ⁣ Connected, so deeply, vastly,⁣ Connected⁣ With Mother Earth ⁣ The heavens⁣ And all that lies beyond ⁣ Between ⁣ Before.⁣ ☯️⁣ A wise woman once told me, "Introduce us to everything you know about Tea ceremonies. Start from the beginning." And it struck a deep chord in me. In the words of my @pause_place Spiritual Leadership coursemates, I live from the soul. When we walk the Way of Tea we live from the soul. The soul, a prism that refracts all that we do and feel and are. ⁣ The ancient sages found Calm Joy in Tea, for She has an intrinsic quietude that also ignites an awakening of the heart. What a joy to deepen our mindfulness with this panoply of wisdom, flavour, and texture and qi. I am hosting a morning sit at 7.30am BST every Monday in the virtual space of Zoom. All you need are some leaves, a bowl, and hot water to join in via the link in my bio. 🌿🕊🧡

And stay tuned for more offerings in July as I continue to deepen my connection with love, which I can't wait to serve to you with my whole heart, lots of courage and love.

This mystical Hermitage grounded me and uplifted me with Her mysterious swathe of energies. Thank you dearest soul sister @lifeisjustastorywritten for these photos 🧡

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