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Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Tea Ceremony: Connecting Hearts From Edinburgh To Beyond

"There is an un-known, unsaid harmony between individuals who sit silently together, forming bonds of memory and friendship more unbroken than that which can be forged in the fires of speech. So much more life can be shared, as well as understanding, when we rest comfortably in our true natures, without any of the ego-stuff needed when we talk with others about our places in the World."⁣

~ Wu De, @globalteahut


Today's Tea Ceremony with some beautiful souls weaved such a powerful mandala of love, an elixir made of the constellations and winds of the world for the heart. Feeling so blessed and grateful for this opportunity to serve and open hearts with love and Tea. Thank you, Tea Spirit, for all the wisdom and love that You share so selflessly 🙏🏻🌿🕊 ※ Samsara ※

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