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Full Moon In Pisces On Wednesday

🌕 The moon appears⁣

Mirroring light and shadows of tree branches⁣

Like slender fingers⁣

in my bowl of Tea.⁣

I remember now the night you placed a finger to your lips⁣

Closed eyes and a smile like honey and cinnabar. ⁣

We swam under the silver scythe⁣

In the river that glowed with delight in the full gaze of la luna.⁣

Now all is silent. ⁣

That felt like a lifetime ago.⁣

I dip a finger into the Unknown. ➰⁣

〰️ Pisces Full Moon 〰️⁣

If you can dream it you can make it.⁣

And if we follow imagination without analysing and questioning it, what are the limitless possibilities that can open up for us?⁣

Polarising Virgo in the astrological chart, the old way of thinking is challenged here. How may we disconnect with that three-dimensional negative connotation and instead, alchemise this polarisation and spin gold out of it? Remember that in our highest octave of consciousness, there is no duality, no polarisation, only Oneness.⁣

By coming into stillness and re-membering through the powers of the Leaf, Virgo's earthbound energy can work with Pisces' divine energies (time to channel through the goddess Aphrodite and Neptunian Sea God Poseidon ☯️), weaving together to help you manifest your wildest dreams.⁣

♓ ⁣

Join me on September 3 at 9pm MYT // 2pm BST for a full moon circle in collaboration with @supparetreat and @wondrouscurations. Two ticket options also allow you to opt in for a sustainably sourced clear quartz from @wondrouscurations, the perfect crystal for powerful manifestations under the gaze of the full moon.⁣

Register now via link in my bio or @supparetreat. 🧜‍♀️🌊🍃🕊⁣

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