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Full Moon In Aquarius Healing Circle This Sunday

🌬 A I R 🌬⁣

Ancient sages and shamans have once looked to the full moon as a symbol of enlightenment, for She reflects the sun's brilliant light without leaving a trace of Herself. This full moon in Aquarius will take us into Her airy and radical elements. Never one to abide by the rules, Aquarius is a star sign that may seem emotionally remote with incredible courage to break moulds. ⁣

The sun is parked right at home in Leo as the moon moves slowly into Aquarius, a sign that is in opposition with the leonine energetics. At the same time, all Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto will be sitting in Capricorn, a sign of stability, rules and patriarchy (it is also a sign that is at home in Saturn). ⁣Capricorn, a source of earthy grounding energy, also helps with healing of the physical body.

Feel into it. What do you read in the air now? As Leo brings us out into bolder expressions and expansion, Aquarius is going to keep on innovating with an eye on the New Age. No one can stop an Aquarian from striding forth into the new portal. ⁣

I definitely feel a sense of release, a calm lull of the waves in the sea, the songs of the whales echoing through the winds. More questions will surface about all the beliefs that had seemed set in stone and were handed down for centuries through a patriarchal system. This is a time for manifestation to come through, for grey areas to come to light, and under the pervasive gaze of Leo and Aquarius' curiosity, there is a lot more questions to be asked, lots more influences of the past to analyse. Marrying fire and air, what can we alchemise?⁣ Time in stillness can transmute these questions into answers. ♌ ♒


Join @satyasoulhealing and me this Sunday at 3pm BST/10am EST in the virtual space for a healing journey inward with Tea in ceremony and Breathwork. Link to register is here. 🕊🌿💫⁣

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