Full Moon Dance

Let the flames of passion light up the core of my being.

Let the pale blue fire incinerate the veil of forgetfulness into bits.

Let me remember and reclaim my sovereignty.

Let me realise my full potential.

I need not improve or strive.

I already have it all.

Just remember.

How it is to have it all.

Remember and command it in.

This is my time.

Live and continue to die away so I come alive

Afresh and anew every single time they shoot an arrow down my spine.

Remember, I've got this.

Remember, my being like water

There is no way to penetrate water;

There is no ambition to water

That which seeks to flow towards the lowest point


With ease and grace.

Ease and grace.

I Intend and open up to receive.

It is not MY responsibility to know how every step of the way.

I send my announcement out

And trust all who will be served best will come to me.

I command my holy divine fire! 🔥<