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From Gross To Subtle

In Cha Dao 茶道, there is something beautiful that happens when we practise drinking living Tea while also living the life of Tea in this way - we begin to go from sensing at the gross level to sensing at the subtler level. ⁣

This gives way to accessing subtle energy bodies, beyond flavour, beyond taste, it gives way to feeling the qi within as well as sensing more instantaneously the intuitive knowing so that you can know what a "yes" and a "no" feels like.⁣

The untamed mind thrives on drama. ⁣

But when a mind is sharpened and trained to follow the language of the soul, there is no longer a need for the dramatics to feel alive - the subtle arising impulses become truly felt so that you are carving a pathway to your cosmic magnificence inside, instead of circumstantially.⁣

Miracles happen. ⁣

Love is all around you.⁣

The extraordinary is seen in the ordinary.⁣

Everything seems to present itself to you in its true essence, beyond the veil. ⁣

Plunging in deep into the receptive yin downward to our darkest caverns so that we rise back up transformed and renewed, an essence that is now anchored in and embodied. ⁣

This receptivity gives us a new embodiment to receive the yang fiery spirit and light, the life force that drives us on this spiral upward on the ascension path. ⁣

Daoist alchemists have all practised to move into this negentropic state to be at one with Dao as a timeless presence, and it is in this place that so many women have witnessed their own healing powers and dreams activate and their own bodies come to life as the gateway where heaven comes to earth. ⁣

DM me for a chat about your vision or head on over to link in my bio to see which of my containers is a fit. There is so much alchemy awaiting you to make that move. Let's go. 💙⁣⁣




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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣

LiYing 📿

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