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Final Supermoon Of The Year: Flower Full Moon in Scorpio

○ F L O W E R | M O O N ○

° The last#supermoonof the year;

° The first full moon of the lunar month of vesākha, which also is Wesak, a day that celebrates Buddha's birthday and enlightenment (not to be confused with East Asian's celebration, which falls on another date based on the Chinese lunar calendar);

° A full moon that is also known as the flower moon as this is usually a time that coincides with the abundance of blooms and blossoms - no wonder they used to also call this the Mother's Moon, Corn Plant Moon or Milk Moon, a moon that traditionally has borne all the symbols of fertility;

° And finally, parked in the sign of the mysterious Scorpio, there is a call for loyalty and persistence, and sexual desires, but also, I feel, the courage to swim in the underbelly of our darker shadowy waters, where depression and murkiness feed the ego. In my vision I see a sorceress coming into full control of her lightness and darkness equally, empowered by her consciousness. Revenge is 3D; burning our bridges to all that no longer serves us is 5D.

Charged by this energy we shall sit in full moon activation mode this Friday May 8, at 1pm BST on#instagramlive, FacebookLive as well as Zoom (upon RSVP you will receive a link), my precious souls, and with this bond, form the mandala of love, spiritually breaking the boundless boundaries imposed by the distance between us - for there is no distance between open hearts, only love 🧡🙏🌿

Attendance is absolutely free. Come as you are.

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