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Feeling Into The Other Presence

I feel a presence.⁣ It feels feathery and light.⁣ An angelic embrace. ⁣ This presence reminds me of⁣ How incredible our bodies are.⁣ How our own physical presence is never separate from an astral presence beyond us.⁣ How truly precious our presence is.⁣ In every single way.⁣ Never to be taken for granted.⁣ Never to be unseen.⁣ I see us all weaving this mandala of love together ⁣ Opened up by the sacred space of Cha Dao⁣ Infused by the spirit of Tea Medicine.⁣ I see our light bodies being activated by the magic and wisdom of the Leaf.⁣ When we become awareness we become one with Source - God - the Universe.⁣ I see us transcend the earth, accessing portals and communicating with our Higher Self and Spirits for guidance, ⁣ Light beings walking with us along the crystalline grid.⁣ I see us wrapped up by the grace of the majestic clouds.⁣ I see us dissolving into raindrops and snowdrops.⁣ I see our eyes shining with moonlight, ⁣ Sunlight, ⁣ And starlight.⁣ This is the mandala of our love,⁣ Our energy raising the world by our own human hands.⁣ Alchemy.⁣ Our very Buddha-nature.⁣ 🍃⁣

🔯 Journey with me through ※MANDALA※

※MANDALA※ is created with intentions to serve five beautiful beings each round of intake with private bespoke attention to go beyond the veil and reach higher spiritual realms. ⁣ 〰️ monthly private one-to-one Tea Ceremonies⁣ 〰️ experience a blend of bespoke service of astrology, chakra and crystal healing, and of course, primarily, the guiding principles of Cha Dao ⁣ 〰️ access to all events hosted on When Still Waters Speak ⁣ 〰️ four seasonal elemental Tea and sacred space creation kits to immerse in the poetics of Cha Dao and come into harmony with Nature, self and the people around us⁣ 🕊 link 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 to get started with your spiritual journey with Cha Dao.

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