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Exiting The Eclipse Portal: Full Moon In Capricorn Is Coming Up

※K E N S H O ※⁣

Ancient sages and shamans have once looked to the full moon as a symbol of enlightenment, for She reflects the sun's brilliant light without leaving a trace of Herself. This full moon in Capricorn ♑ (also known as the Thunder Moon) is a mirror held up in the sky, for She manifests in the season when the sun and Mercury are both in Cancer. A lunar eclipse will occur at the same time, amplifying our persistence and tenacity, all Capricorn qualities, as well as what we have manifested and called in during the new moon phase with some truly loving Cancerian energy. For those of you who have been in a striving mode, know that this is a call from the Golden Age of new ways of perception and action, where we see through distinctions and wade through all precepts to know that we can reap abundance through tapping into our authentic selves.⁣

Under this illumination we can see our kensho - true self - in our bowl of Tea. ⁣

I will be brewing @globalteahut's Kensho from @fivelementshabitats, and I will be pulling an oracle card for the virtual Tea Ceremony held on this day July 5 at 1pm BST. Please join me if your soul feels called to sit in stillness and presence of love with Tea. Tea is a great adaptagenic that is truly human for She speaks to the human heart directly. Bowls and bowls of tea later, you will realise that the calmness you experience while drinking tea, is truly innately you.🌿🕊 ⁣

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