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Ensho. Nostalgia, Tea, and Connection: One Circle

One song can transport you back to 20 years ago.⁣

The fragility of all connections can only be traced upon reflection. ⁣

The strongest bonds that have been forged with love and laughter and intrepid tears⁣

Can easily be broken, vanish, with a stroke of miscalculation⁣

Of unsaid words ⁣

Of discomfort that we could not bring ourselves to face.⁣

Once in a while, we may sit and feel grief and regret⁣

We may tear up in the face of this inconsolable loss.⁣

Where are you now? How are you doing? Do you ever think of that time when we lit across the bridge in the middle of the night, traffic lights dancing across our dusk-hidden faces?⁣

Feeling incredibly raw and nostalgic today, as though everything can crumble with the human touch. That filigree of light that filters in is all that reminds me of the Universe's transmission, reminding me of my soul, the divine heart, my soul's purpose.⁣


Some of my fondest memories still exists in the well of my memory bank. I also have forged so many friendships through these digital waves of late, and I found myself finding solace here more than with friends I have actually known for many years, testament to how through the course of time we could all change, divert, switch gears. The spiritual path of mysticism can get lonely, terribly lonely. At times when even here gets hollow and silent I question if there ever was anything here before. The ocean's waves beckon. I stand and absorb the winds of change into my core, and I stand listening to the waves crashing upon earth. We are here with a dharma and the choice to make light of it. There is so much ancient wisdom to be fully imbibed through Nature, and I am called to serve you the essence of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Air within this bowl of Tea. You need not be a Taoist sage or Zen monk to experience it all. Let go, step in, and allow stillness in through the Tea leaf. One steep can completely transform your life. Follow the #linkinbio to my Tea Ceremony should your soul feel called to rise up to this calling of truth, peace, and presence.🕊🌿🙏🏻🧡

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