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Edinburgh Tea Ceremony: Light Meets Life Fundraiser

°◇ L I G H T | M E E T S | L I F E ◇° I think it's safe to say that I love tea, and tea ceremonies in the Global Tea Hut tradition transmute my meditation and spiritual pathway into a practice that simply, naturally, is. From tea lovers to non-tea drinkers, from those who are familiar with the dance of meditation to those restless ones who fear the silence of the mind, tea ceremony will allow you to drop from your head into your heart, often times in the most unexpected ways. In this practice, we sit as love flows from our hearts into the bowls of tea, and it becomes simply something sacred to behold. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Gratitude flows. Creativity unlocks. We honour the ancient traditions, tea trees and earth, fire, water, mountains and rain, moon, stars and sun – nature's alchemy that is within us and yet, sadly forgotten in today's busy lives. ​°◇ D A N A ◇° As a student of Tea, I recognise my role and responsibilities as much, much more than a tea lover – I am a student of Cha Dao and I am honoured to walk this life together with Her. The new tea centre's global fundraiser will be held on March 1, and I would love nothing more than to sit in ceremony and noble silence, gather and send love bowl by bowl to Wu De and the @globalteahut community. All donations will go to the Centre. Link is in my bio. ·

Please get in touch, wherever you are in the universe, should you feel called to explore the boundless possibilities Tea can open up for you 🌿⭐

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