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Ease And Grace Is A Choice

I have struggled to put this up.⁣ I am not a dancer, neither am I by any standard a sensuality coach...⁣ But I do this, only to honour the promise I made to fully embody my wholeness. ⁣ To have fun in life, not to take everything so seriously.⁣ Ease and grace is always allowed.⁣ We just have to choose it.⁣ If anyone had told me that full recovery from my eating disorders would lead me to a place where I would discover what pleasure it is to be in touch with my body, I would have laughed/cried in their face.⁣

But here I am.

Showing up fully.

Holding all of me that I like, and all that I don't like very much.

Swimming through the womb of silence, waiting patiently for my signal to slide out of the canal and back to new life. Remembering we are all whole already is something I am beginning to truly grasp now.⁣ Tea simply isn't just about brewing the best Tea.⁣ Tea changes my life every single day.⁣ To move with ease and grace. ⁣ To laugh along with sage-like innocence.⁣ Smiling whenever I notice I have gone into a human moment.⁣ Understanding that there is yin in yang and yang in yin.⁣ The Way home to our own Wholeness is by embracing our shadows. ⁣ To begin feeling instead of naming or writing a story about the feelings that are coming in to my body.⁣ To hold all the tidal wave of emotions that come up, no matter how ugly and painful it is.⁣ To hold the uglier sides so the beautiful sides can shine and show up authentically.⁣ ·.·

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