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Do You Give And Give And Put You Last?

Do you give and give and give...⁣

And put yourself last?⁣

In the dusty landscape that you walk with each heavy step in life,⁣

Something gets lost in the mundane that you repeatedly do without thought.⁣

Oh if only you could see -⁣

You are cosmic light in ecstatic motion. ⁣

You are. You are. You are.⁣

How amazing is it to know it is no accident that you are here now?⁣

When you close your eyes to invite stillness⁣

You will see behind closed lids that you are wanted by the Divine.⁣

Not only what you deem as good enough for the Divine.⁣


Your entire being is wanted -⁣

The perfections and imperfections⁣

All of you will be taken⁣

Nothing is left behind. ⁣

In this state of wholeness ⁣

Your spirit and soul dance away into the night⁣

As thick as thieves⁣

This feast that is your life⁣

Is come to an end now, darling.⁣

Spilled wine of your love⁣

Broken hearts and hearts that broke yours.⁣

I am no longer interested in arriving. ⁣

The Dao I walk is a watercourse way.⁣

It is always moving downstream ⁣

Flowing to the lowest ground.⁣

There is nowhere towards which we hanker after.⁣

In the million of fragments that make up who we are⁣

What we are truly pursuing is non-existence.⁣


Hello precious beings. A reminder to be kindest to yourself and go with what makes your heart sing. Loving you, seeing you, holding you. 🤍🕊🪶

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