Connecting To The Soul & The Universe Through Cha Dao

Why do we hesitate ⁣

Even when Spirit is speaking to us so loudly?⁣

Even when the Universe is dropping signs all around us?⁣

When I first sat for Tea, my heart broke open. Something deep inside me lit up, and yet, it took me one whole month since that moment, to go back to Tea and sit again.⁣

I knew then that I had to heed the call. I had to concede myself, to surrender to the flow and serve Tea.⁣

I love the beautiful ways that Tea can teach us to go with the rhythmic flow of the Dao⁣

To reach in deep inside us and draw out the soul that we have learnt to hide away a long time ago.⁣

What can so often happen when we could not hear the voice of our souls is the phantom need to try, to strive, to make, and to do.⁣

We forget we are all part of this vibrational space that is the Universe⁣

But there is this deep yearning⁣

A cavernous hole within us that yearns to be filled.⁣