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Cha Dao, The Way Of Tea

The distance between us⁣

Is merely an illusion.⁣

The time between us⁣

Is simply nonexistent.⁣

Sitting here with the heat penetrating the walls of this earthy bowl⁣

Tea Spirit lives within us.⁣

In stillness She comes and ⁣


Peace ⁣




We may not understand what is felt in this moment ⁣

But we can truly surrender⁣

And let the stream of consciousness take us.⁣

The Dao leads ⁣

And we follow⁣

Knowing deep down that our soul knows what is for our highest good.⁣

In Tea we stay with the formless ⁣

·.· no mind · no body · state .·.⁣

And from this purity of consciousness arises a kind of Epiphany⁣

That rests softly on your shoulder. ⁣


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