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Cha Dao Is About Remembering Who You Are

We never lost our souls; our souls are just waiting to be seen. Cha Dao leads you back to remembering who you are.⁣


I was a lost sheep who believed that my writing would never sustain a living. I was stuck in a job I hated, diagnosed with anorexia. ⁣

I was broke and at my lowest weight and self-esteem. ⁣

I got into a relationship thinking I could fix a man with the underlying notion that love is all about saving someone else.⁣

I was depressed and desperately seeking for love, and only ended up with wrong turns that led me to thinking I was not enough.⁣


Now I am not talking about how I wish I found Tea (or more likely, Tea found me) earlier by recounting these deeply transformative milestones. Tea has taught me to see that everything happens at the right moment, even the moments that feel extremely tough and impossibly painful.⁣

I realise that what I wanted all my life was to be seen and held. I hold them now within this bowl of Tea.⁣

. I now see my writing as a gift I can use to serve others⁣

. I now found Tea and am passionate about helping you experience that inner transformation ⁣


How does simply drinking Tea in reverent silence do that? Slowing down is not a luxury. It is the becoming of us, a necessary way to live abundantly. You can imagine that I am just coming in as the chef in the kitchen to put all the ingredients together.⁣

🈚️ Now we can turn inward to meet Quietude where it already is waiting for us patiently and nurture this lotus within with our full reverence and attention⁣

🈶️ I can observe when my Ego talk happens and know it is not my truth. I see my body, mind and heart as one and connected. Through this I heal my inner child wounds and learn to love myself, no matter what. This is such a beautiful practice that brings Presence with intention to cultivate that connection with our highest selves, each other, and the cosmos around us. ⁣

🉑️ Synchronicities and serendipity happen; I see opportunities everywhere. Clarity comes to us in the wisdom of Tea Spirit. We see decisions that have to be made and words that can be said with more compassion and kindness ⁣

🈵️ Completion washes over as we simply realise that this moment is perfect as it is, and there won't be another time like this as we exist now. What a wonderful feeling it is to be alive! Coming full circle, we we take all actions from a calm, still centre.that serve the highest purposes and our minds and hearts broaden with the knowing that we are never separate. When we step into this awareness with intention we become in tune with Presence; we heighten our intuition. We forge heartfelt connections.⁣

This heart is able to give love, unbridled and indiscriminately.⁣

🍃〰️🕊 ⁣

It is my mission to create this Tea space. You can journey on Cha Dao too with zero experience and meet lifetime like-minded Tea friends. Doors to my seven-week Cha Dao Circle: Poetry, Presence & Connection is now open · inspired by cloudwalking sages and mystics · takes place in the virtual space. Open to all · Link in bio to sign up now to get a Tea kit till October 26.

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