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Cha Dao Is...

The more I practise Cha Dao, the more it would seem, that, I am fine with being mediocre.⁣

For when there is high and low, good and bad, happy and sad, well and unwell, there is comparison and judgement to some extent.⁣

If you've sat in a single Tea Ceremony, then you probably know how magical it can be - how Tea can transport you on a transcendental journey almost akin to getting high on something, and how Tea can help your manifestation practice; how She can take you from not-here to being present.⁣

All in all, you begin to crave the same experience, as humans are wont to do.⁣

You begin to strive for some feelings, a certain awakening, a message from the spirits.⁣

Yes, you can astral travel, make amends with the past, commune with spirit guides, find guidance from Tea. But when we get attached to the outcome, we have already defeated ourselves from the start.⁣

As you deepen your practice, the first realisation would be that...⁣

The purpose of Tea is there is no purpose.⁣

Most days now I am going about in a rather non-attached place. ⁣

Only when we can truly love the ordinary and see the extraordinary in this, when we can truly make life a ceremony, everything is divine.⁣

We don't strive. We don't yearn. We can't be disappointed because we are not comparing and expecting.⁣

The outer reality is only going to serve our greater expansion, as we go about choosing again and again to not participate in stoking the fire of despair. ⁣

We become curious instead of righteous.⁣

We become open instead of fearful.⁣

We won't be afraid to explore the great freedom is at hand for us.⁣

How freeing it is to live life without constantly having to accomplish something.⁣

Come lay down and watch the stars.⁣

You are made of the very same energetic light. ❤🌟🌠⁣

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