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Celebrating Summer Solstice With Cha Dao

🔥 R I N G ● O F ● F I R E 🔥⁣


Happy Summer Solstice, precious beings. Today is the longest day of the year when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer, and a day on which ancient Chinese traditions have celebrated the yin energy, which culturally has embodied the feminine, as well as worshipped the Earth, offering foods and flowers and incense to the gods in hopes of an abundance of returns and harvest. Tomorrow marks the rare occasion of an annular solar eclipse (the ring of fire), the first of only two to happen in this century. Along with this seminal event, we will see the new moon move into Cancer. ⁣


There is something incredibly incendiary about these times, and yet with Cancer energy blowing strongly across all the eclipse and retrogrades and Solstice, I feel a sense of fluidity in the shifting paradigm. Feel into this energy. Feel into the movement, the seismic shift that is asking for a shaking up of all things stagnant, all matters that have been putrefying away underneath the rotting floorboards. Have the courage to step into your vulnerability, to have the voice to speak for the voiceless, to listen with compassion but also set our boundaries so our dreams and visions are not extinguished by fear and morose.


For me, I have known that flowing with the Universe is the one way to expand my consciousness. I have grown massively in my understanding of Cha Dao and the Tea community since I first dipped my toes in trepidation. Now, as I dive deeper into the heart of holding space, I am offering one-to-one private Tea ceremonies. In these sits I tailor to your needs so you can truly be at ease and in flow as we sit for Tea. Please check out the schedule for more details on available hours. I also have an e-course in which you can enrol to learn more about beginning a Tea meditation at home that I made for beginners in mind. And of course, I still intend to keep offering free moon-related Tea ceremonies virtually. ⁣


I am truly grateful for all your support and the support to come for these new endeavours. They are exciting and nerve-wracking, but it gives me such joy to offer to you a space to experience the Way of Tea. 🌿🕊

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