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Buddha's Birthday on April 30: Join Me For A Tea Ceremony In Celebration

"Bowing to the Buddha, I bow to awakening and Stillness in me." "There are not a hundred steps to Buddhahood - Only one: right here, right now I am free!" 🌿 Tea Medicine by Wu De


Buddha means The Awakened One, and in this sense of the word, we all have a Buddha within us.

In ancient lore and Buddhist teachings, the birthday of Buddha, also known as Wesak/Vesak Day, is a day when the Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, went through the cycle of birth, enlightenment, and death all in one day. On this day, we sit in honour of the Buddha's many revered teachings, and bear in mind that there is no doctrine and indeed, this day's ceremony is not religious. After all, there is the saying that "Zen and tea are all one flavour": for Zen is the meditative mind and tea facilitates that mind-to-mind, wordless transmission between student and teacher for many centuries. 🌿

Tea trees have proliferated on the face of earth long before the Buddha raised that single lotus flower in his hands instead of philosophising on Vulture Peak. They have lived long before the first human voice shattered the silence of this very earth on which we currently live. When we are being present to the moment, we are living with the Buddha mind (Zen Mind, a beginner's mind). As#Osho once said, "Do it with the hands of Buddha". With this in mind, you don't have to be a Buddhist or be religiously set in any way, to sit in meditation for Tea.

I will be honoured to hold space on this special occasion on April 30, at 1pm BST. Zoom option is available on RSVP in #linkinbio. Otherwise, I look forward to receiving your presence here on#instagramlive or Facebook Live.

🌿 "Heaven and Earth are both important, and so is balance between them. And that's one of the things I love the most about Tea. It's fully in the world, drunk and loved by most everyone. It's the second most consumed substance on earth! But it also is a gateway to the highest of spiritual states. You can rest in the moment, concrete and pure, or race through the enlightened realms on the back of a dragon. Tea is sky and it is mountain. It is sun and it is soil. Tea is heaven and it is earth." ~ Wu De

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