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Breathwork and Tea This Full Moon In Aquarius To Heal

I am so excited to announce that I will be joining hands with my lovely @pause_place sister @satyasoulhealing for a beautiful healing circle of Tea Ceremony and Breathwork. The instant connection upon sharing Tea together was imbued with so many yeses to work with this angel. Her presence is purity and her heart is fierce love, embodied. ⁣We may be far apart in distance (Sarah is based in the US), but never far in spirit.

💙🙏🏻💙 ⁣

I can't wait to bring this circle to formation on the full moon in Aquarius with anyone who feels called to join us. Link is in my bio to register. Early birds will also get the chance to request for a living tea package so you can truly deepen your connection with Nature and the cosmos through these pure, vivacious, lovingly crafted and sourced leaves.⁣ 🌿🌊🕊⁣


※ August 2, Full Moon in Aquarius Healing Circle, 3pm BST/10am EST ※⁣⁣


Soak in this full moon's energy with stillness, love and presence. Ancient sages and shamans have once looked to the full moon as a symbol of enlightenment, for She reflects the sun's brilliant light without leaving a trace of Herself. This full moon in Aquarius will take us into Her airy and radical elements. Never one to abide by the rules, Aquarius is a star sign that may seem emotionally remote with incredible courage to break moulds. We will focus on moving the life force within you through holding space for you to honour any emotional experience you may be going through, as well as your heart and soul, mind and intellect. ⁣⁣

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