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Birthday Wishes For The Age Of Aquarius

Precious beings,⁣

On the day of my solar return, with a full moon in Cancer (my rising sign) to bathe me with Her blessed tidings, I am filled with so much calm joy and gratitude for 2020 and every single one of you.⁣

You are my comrades in arms and hearts. I see you. I hold you in my gaze and heart. ⁣

In 2018, I started this account to fill it with words and poetry I felt shy to inundate my friends on my personal account. ⁣

In 2019, I met Tea and embarked on the Dao.⁣

In 2020 I learnt to fully embody my dharma.⁣

2021 is going to be all about being in my full expression.⁣

I cease to play small. I have some major intentions to uplevel, and I am so excited to bring about this transformational practice to you in the most profound healing manner that I know I can now say is from uniquely me to you. ⁣

I share from where I have come from.⁣

I share from the lessons I have learnt. I share from my personal space. I share my whole, authentic self because this is me and I am stepping into this space ready to share with you transmissions and guidance I receive when I walk the Way of Tea, from my higher being, my spirit guides, guardian angels and goddesses. ⁣

In this tradition, I am first and foremost in servitude to you. ⁣

I lend you my light willingly so you can see through the dark and uncover the inner wisdom and divinity within you. Being of service to All that is us, and we that is All. ⁣

I am unique. Yes, I am! These fragmented body and soul are unique. These pieces of me are all in my offerings and they cannot be found elsewhere.⁣

Tea, honoured in Cha Dao, is my guiding light, and I the vessel to create a space for alchemy for you.⁣

🌊 Alchemy in... No-thingness ⁣

🌊 Alchemy in... a space to be free⁣

〰️ I will be building Cha Dao 茶道 rituals that you can see ripple out beyond the Tea sessions, focusing more on serving my subscribers with exclusive closed doors ceremonies, so if you'd like to join the mailing list, simply PM me your email address 😌⁣

In the meantime, find me here 👇🏻⁣

🕊 private 1-1/ group bookings⁣

🕊 Mandala membership for monthly subscription box and private sessions ⁣

🕊 a limited number of free 1-hour Share & Heal Sessions each week for those seeking to nip perfectionism and restrictive eating in the bud ⁣

🕊 SHUNYATA retreat, join any time to start⁣

🕊 Seven-week Cha Dao Circle doors open for March 2021 intake⁣

🍃 links are in my bio 🍃⁣

PS: A bite-size SHUNYATA 2-hour online retreat to come on 21.01.2021 - more on this in the next post.⁣

Here is to a balanced dan tian 丹田 of aligned shen, qi and jing with the teachings of Cha Dao; may we always have a finger to the pulse of Presence, with eyes that truly see with no judgement, a heart that rhymes with poetry and love, and a soul that soars way above the clouds and never ceases to dream 🤍

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