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Becoming the Dao is Embodying The Way of Tea, Cha Dao

°▪A N C I E N T | H I G H W A Y ▪°

Like the liquid warm sunlight of autumn time the Tea drenched my heart; Hung up the banner of kindness like fluttering linens in the wind. It is this airy diluted luminescence that sieves through my crown chakra first, then I sat and allowed – Delight, graceful delight, embalmed my heart and dropped more light into my stomach. Expanding. Lighting up dark corners. Shadows strobing light, in a dappled kind of way. Intention. What is the intention of the day? What is the joy that keeps filling up the bowl? . Deep, deepening meditation. I could keep drinking and drinking and sitting here in my lotus pose and drop, drop, drop into a multidimensional space and feel rooted into my sacral chakra at the same time. . Alchemy.


I recall the transcendental feelings I had experienced with Wu De's @globalteahut Five Elements Blend as I drink in this Ancient Highway brew and remember his teachings of Cha Dao: "The opportunity to sit in ceremony with others is precious. We draw a line, set this time apart and saying in this space and time I want to practise to be my highest self. Meeting every person for the first time every time. Remembering the preciousness of this moment. The spiritual and physical are not separate."


This picture says it all – out of this world, underwater-dreamy, blue hues of tranquility, and a sweetness that peeks through the earthiness of these sublime leaves.


Grateful to have my love to sit with every day and for him to love tea more and more as we sit daily, without a word passed as we pass bowls back and forth. Grateful for life and all its goodness in its earthy and sweet forms. Grateful for Cha Dao, teachings of grace that become me. Alchemy.

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