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Autumnus Goddess Blessings

She glows in gold and fine red velvet.⁣

Her dance in the liquid light⁣

Comes with a lightness of impermanence. ⁣

She knows⁣

That she glows⁣

In her transient grace,⁣

She glows. ⁣

She takes a bow in the remains of the day,⁣

A swirl of clear rain⁣

Leaving behind no trace of her light⁣

As autumn ends⁣

And winter comes in.⁣


Usher in Mabon blessings to your sacred space and honour the celestial as the season changes on Saturday, September 19, 2pm BST // 9PM MYT// 9am EST. ⁣

〰️ link in the tab above for a spot in the virtual space of Zoom. 〰️

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