Are You Stuck In Quasi-recovery?

🥀 Quasi-recovery 〰️ ⁣

🪶 Thinking you can heal your relationship with food and your body while still holding onto control over your weight.⁣

The Sacred Way to breaking out of this loop 〰️ Trust and know your body will come back to an optimal, natural state. ⁣

🪶 When you begin to nourish your body again, the amount of food intake may seem outwardly a lot, but that is necessary after a period of starvation. It is vital for your body to fully trust you again and begin to let go of the nutrients so desperately (often manifesting in an overshot of food intake or weight). ⁣

Food is necessary to give your body the energy to do everything from pumping oxygen to keeping your brain strong and thoughts clear. ⁣

The process does not end at weight and menstrual restoration. Check in with your mental health. ⁣

Are you still scheming and plotting to control your weight?

Are you still afraid of getting fat?

Are you still counting calories?

Are you substituting restrictive eating with overexercising?⁣

If you sweep these voices aside, the ED voice will come back in full force. It is just a matter of time. ⁣

Really challenge your beliefs. ⁣

Would you rather live out this shell of a life like this, or would you rather have tried to set yourself free?⁣

When you begin to see how your mental health is so closely tied with your physical wellbeing, your spirit to your body, you will begin to see that you are the cata