Are You Afraid Of Showing Your Emotions?

When asked:⁣

🌑 Are you experiencing digestive problems in recovery? 🌪⁣

What really needs to be asked is:⁣

🌟 Are you afraid of showing your emotions? 🌟 ⁣

Here, I will go deeper into the psychosomatic side of things, because I truly believe that in this work for disordered eating recovery, food is not the thing we have to fix, but rather, a gateway to understanding the deeper hidden issues that need to be laid out in the open.⁣

🔥 Digestive problems are often correlated to disembodied and disenchantment. If you starve, you are disconnecting from any physical sensation or emotion. ⁣

🌠 Delve deeper, and you see a raw fear of getting close to others lest you face rejection. Starving and restriction tends towards numbing out that immense sense of loneliness within.⁣

🔥 If you binge eat you are filling your belly up to the point where you can't breathe, which forces you to also not feel anything.⁣

🌠 Delve deeper, and you see a raw desperate attempt to fill in all the silence and empty spaces within. ⁣

🧘🏻‍♀️ The belly, where the base of the pelvic bone is closely placed, is where our true wisdom lies. ⁣

🌞 The solar plexus, which is situated between the root chakra and the heart, is the bridge between that inner wisdom and receptiveness to divine love. ⁣

❌ In a disordered eating state, the solar plexus chakra is out of alignment, manifesting in critical self-loathing, oversensitivity to criticisms, and negative self-image, lack of boundaries and low self-esteem. It manifests in, yes you guessed it, digestive issues and disordered eating behaviour, as well as eating disorders. ⁣

🧟‍♀️ The mind also shuts down and refuses to open up to possibilities, turning rigid and inflexible to change. ⁣

👉 This can be familiar to those who are suffering from restrictive eating, in which the fear for any food or intake out of the normal range or variety is palpable and real.⁣

Here is my advice, which I took from a mentor and had allowed to change my life: ⁣

💛 Anything worth doing is worth doing, even if you are doing it clumsily and stumbling through it all.⁣

💗 When you are changing you will feel awkward. Kind of like a toddler beginning to learn how to walk.⁣

💛 You need to also know when you meet resistance in any changes you are making, you know that a breakthrough is on the horizon.⁣

💥 Change is incredibly threatening to the ego.⁣

🙈 You might even find at the beginning, that you will be tested as you start manifesting reasons not to do this and revert back to what you were before. ⁣

🥀 Ask yourself: ⁣

🗝 what is the way of being that can allow me to get from where I don't want to be to where I want to be?⁣

🗝 what is it that I am resisting?⁣

🍃 Allow yourself to walk The Way (※ Dao ※), my loves, and reclaim uninhibited freedom. 🕊⁣

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