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Ancestral Wounds And Reiki Healing With Tea

※ I move in a space that does not exist. ※⁣

Those words kept reverberating as I traversed deeper and deeper into my meditation. ⁣

I crumbled into dust along with my lost city.⁣

I drifted in space.⁣

I travelled in an arc in a direction that only Source knew. ⁣

I was wounded and destroyed.⁣

unconscious, ⁣

Crying for a lost city, family and familiars lost to destruction. ⁣

I remember turning back and seeing two beings, familiar faces from the mandala of love, holding hands and beckoning me with their eyes.⁣

No words, just those eyes said it all.⁣

I knew somehow that I belonged on Earth too⁣

This crumbled dust that was me that was born in another time, another planet. ⁣

Landing on Earth I was naked as a newborn ⁣

Writhing in Earth ⁣

My first sensation was water dripping onto my eyelids⁣

Rain. The quiet rain falling on leaves and quietly pattering on the soil.⁣

I opened my eyes and the first vision was a sky filled with leaves⁣

Like a cathedral nave the dappled emerald canopy soar above me like a holy sacrament.⁣

I let Mother Earth infuse me with her feminine energy.⁣

I, the body of a warrior, browbeaten and defeated ⁣

Rose again with the powers of Mother Nature.⁣

Water sliding down each leaf to nourish me.⁣

I felt distinctly home again⁣

Even though I was feeling this sadness of losing my home bone deep in my soul, in my spirit.⁣

I felt the taste of nothingness. ⁣

The taste of the One that was yet to be named.⁣

Tea as we know Her now, without a name in a time before time.⁣

This is my first connection with Tea.⁣

This is the moment when I swore my allegiance to Her,⁣

To carry on her legacy and spirit into the timelessness of the Unmanifest Dao. ⁣


I wrote this down as fast as I could after today's Tea Ceremony. I truly felt like I had died and resuscitated by Tea Spirit. I found completion. Awashed by Wholeness I came to life. This is my karmic tie with Tea.⁣

I invite you to experience astral travelling and ancestral healing yourself with Cha Dao. Tea facilitates this breakthrough, but lest we forget, the Dao is a journey that can only be taken when we are prepared for Nothingness, for emptiness, for Tea to fill us up and for us to empty out again at the end of it all. Only then can we truly own our sovereign co-creating powers and join hands with Spirit and the God/Source within us.

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