Ancestral Wounds And Reiki Healing With Tea

※ I move in a space that does not exist. ※⁣

Those words kept reverberating as I traversed deeper and deeper into my meditation. ⁣

I crumbled into dust along with my lost city.⁣

I drifted in space.⁣

I travelled in an arc in a direction that only Source knew. ⁣

I was wounded and destroyed.⁣

unconscious, ⁣

Crying for a lost city, family and familiars lost to destruction. ⁣

I remember turning back and seeing two beings, familiar faces from the mandala of love, holding hands and beckoning me with their eyes.⁣

No words, just those eyes said it all.⁣

I knew somehow that I belonged on Earth too⁣

This crumbled dust that was me that was born in another time, another planet. ⁣