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A Modern Chinese's Musings on Her Roots

I don't have much to begin with, but sitting here with the chabu my mother made, a seashell my soulmate and lover picked up during our trip to Cramond Beach over my summer visit to #edinburgh, and a bowl, kettle and brazier, a tiny bit of decoration I have used before, with the fire stoked, I feel immense gratitude for all that I have right now, right here. Morning Breeze always takes me on an ethereal journey into a creative world filled with wintry soft light, and today, is no exception - as I finish and bow to thank the tea, I take one last inhale of the red sodden leaves and there it is again, that lovely, lovely ethereal imaginary light that Morning Breeze emits. . I walk out to the city and am enveloped by gratitude for this city's greatest beauties and flaws. I am thankful for discovering #chadao and through its well of history, my Chinese roots again. 🌿🕊

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