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A Deep Knowing

The indigenous people understood one thing.⁣

That when we move with the elements, ⁣

We embrace all of our fears simply as waves and ripples in the ocean;⁣

We celebrate our joys and witness our grief⁣

Through the deliberate embodiment of all these waves and ripples inside of our body⁣

And uninhibited expressions through our body.⁣

We dance.⁣

We scream.⁣

We cry.⁣

We laugh.⁣

We run.⁣

We rest.⁣

We sleep.⁣

We touch.⁣

We hug.⁣

We kiss.⁣

Within the Leaf is the entire terroir in which She grew up.⁣

Within the Leaf are the four seasons.⁣

The raindrops and snowdrops.⁣

The sunlight, moonlight and starlight.⁣

Within our body too is the entire terroir in which we grew up⁣

Waiting for us⁣

To come home.⁣

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